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Episode 10

Luna returns to Kalon’s lab with a surprise. Ready to start a new chapter in her life, she’s devastated when her plans are ruined. Kalon has new information that could explain the tragedy she went through as a little girl.

Episode 9

Lima has an interesting encounter, one that leaves her with more questions than answers. Meanwhile, an unexpected savior comes to Tessa’s rescue, which is the last thing she needs—playing the damsel in distress is so unappealing. The stakes are getting higher and the danger is real. There’s no more ignoring the weird things happening on the station.

Episode 8

Tessa Starr has an interesting encounter with Brayden, the Chief Security Officer. Following a CC meeting, she tries to make sure Lima’s alright, but she ends in a lot of danger herself. Strange things are happening on the station, indeed.

Episode 7

Casey turns out to be an imposter on a secret mission. She tries to get close to Mason. For her own protection, he turns her away. A futile gesture—with new orders coming in, their fate is sealed.

Episode 6

He knew the plant was sentient. He just couldn’t prove it.
Which is why Luna was playing such an instrumental part in his study. Because of her prosthetics, she could communicate with the plants.

Episode 4

By the time Mason recovered from the shock, the man was already gone. In a daze, Mason ran through the empty corridors, looking for him, the former lieutenant in the criminal organization of Havoc Syndicate. To no avail.