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Hidden Gems in Science Fiction Romance: Uncommon by Elise Night

Uncommon Book Cover

Disclaimer: The following post represents a personal opinion, and is NOT being monetized in any way. It’s a personal and voluntary effort and isn’t part of any marketing scheme or agenda. It’s a simple review and should be treated accordingly.

A show of hands, if you please. Who loved Lindsay’s Buroker Fallen Empire series? 

If your hand is up, then you’re going to love Uncommon too. I guarantee it.

Quick book stats of Uncommon by Elise Night
Quick book stats

Wait, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying Uncommon is some cheap replica (far from it!). But for some reason, it reminded of the specified series. Because like Fallen Empire, Uncommon brings two things to the table: a slow-burn science fiction romance & a superb, crazy-detailed worldbuilding (which made me think of a certain movie franchise, famous for its plucky rebels, facing off against an oppressive empire). What differs is the ongoing mystery that keeps you turning the pages. We get some answers by the end, but not enough (which is why I’m going to read Untamed, the second book, as soon as I finish writing this review).

I loved the story’s pace: fast, yet comfortable. You’re not going to find too many long-winded, indecipherable descriptions, so it’s a quick and fascinating read.

Another thing deserving of a mention is the writing style. I mean, it’s impeccable. Pure. Sucks you right in, and then refuses to let go.

Uncommon keeps you entertained all throughout the reading journey. The best blend of paranormal and science fiction romance I’ve ever read.

Told from a dual POV, the story tells us the adventures of Eva, a regular human woman from Earth, and Luhc, a growly Keti shifter, who’s also (…wait for it) a rebel with one simple mission: save all hybrids of the Commons.

The story will keep you on the edge of your seat right from the beginning, because the prologue starts with a battle. Battle ending with the ultimate disaster for the hero. Battle that’s crucial in justifying the need for Eva’s surfacing in the Common universe.

And surface she… doesn’t. Because her transition through the portal is more like a crash. In the literal sense. The theme from the prologue continues, because Eva finds herself thrust in the middle of a battle here too, albeit a different one.

After several tense moments, Eva and Luhc finally meet. In a demon forest on a demon-controlled space station, and after Eva demonstrates a new-found ability, which shows us she’s more than human: she’s one of the hybrids Luhc failed to protect before.

There, the group finds unexpected allies, and everything turns even more complicated for Eva when Luhc’s greatest foe pops up, and gravely injures her.

I loved Eva. She’s a strong character, and fair in recognizing her own shortcomings. In fact, that’s what makes her so compelling—the inner struggle she employs in trying to win against her past mistakes. She seems very real, so much so that, by the end of the book, it’s like she’s one of my oldest friends. That’s how good’s the author exploring the character: you feel like you know them, utterly and thoroughly.

Luhc, the other voice in the book, is also interesting for a main character. Instead of being portrayed as the typical alpha male, which you might have expected from a shifter (his nickname’s The Beast, for crying out loud!), he’s full of uncertainty, pain and flaws. He’s also carrying an emotional baggage the size of Earth.

I can’t finish the review without mentioning Issy, the comic relief, Eva’s questionable guardian and crazy mentor. For a secondary character, she’s extremely well-rounded and lovable. I can’t wait to see what other antics she has prepared for the rest of the series. And also, I’m curious to find out how the secondary romance between herself and Luhc’s brother will play out.

Speaking of romance, Uncommon contains very little of it. But an ordinary amount for a slow-burn series (lovers of the genre learned to be patient). However, even if the heat level is low, Eva and Luhc’s adventures are enough to keep you entertained.

Conclusion: a strong first book, hinting at a memorable science fiction romance series. Beautifully written. Thoroughly entertaining. Interesting characters and intricate relationships between them.

Would I continue reading the series? Definitely yes. In fact, I plan to. Right away.

You can get the book from here, or there’s also a reasonably priced bundle here, containing all 4 stories! Happy reading!

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